I have done many gigs utilizing your pre amp. It is as advertised. I can get what I want to hear out of it. I have purchased almost every rig available (as you can't find them to demo) and have been disappointed within 2 minutes of attempted tweaking. Thanks to the intelligent lay out of your effects loop, I can now hear a clean wet signal coming from the house rig. It's worth what I paid for it. Best of luck.

Thomas J. Bloomer

I'm not famous. I'm not flashy. I'm a regular bassist from Indiana who is on the "quest for the ultimate tone". I've spent a ton of my own money on basses, amps, cabs, effects, and everything else u can think of to achieve the "ultimate tone", and with no luck, until now!
I took the plunge and contacted Mike Pope about my situation, 2 basses with radically different personalities(1 is bright and "sizzly", the other is dark & boomy). He made a recommendation and I have an MPP-2 in my rig(the one in the pic on the website!). Let me put it this way, having 2 different basses is no longer a concern! You know you're onto something when the guy from the sound company says "I think we need that bass rig in our studio!"
I have been nothing short of amazed at the quality of the product, the level of service I have received, and the amount of compliments I got on my tone last weekend! If you are on the "Tone Quest", stop here! My search is over! Now I just gotta learn how to play...and maybe get Mike to get me an "in" at Fodera! ;-)! Lol! Congrats on an outstanding product. I'm anxious to see what you come up with next!

Phil Scott
bassist with Spanky's Clubhouse

"Thanks for an amazing preamp. I am extremely satisfied with my MPP-1 and the actual product has far exceeded my expectations. From the stunning look to the solid chassis the MPP-1 is top of the line in every way. I am equally satisfied with the clear, sonic and entrancing tone the MPP-1 generates. My basses sounded good to start with (to me) but now the tones and harmonics are indescribable. Presence, punch, warmth, bottom, mids and highs are all built into this package. Lastly, the switches makes going from tone shapes a breeze and you have chosen the best frequency slopes. Mike, your onboard pres are first class, but with this rack mount unit you have outdone yourself. I will be recommending the MPP-1 to all my friends and customers."

Sammie Glass
Glasstone Basses 

Take this with a grain of salt. Mike is my good friend, business partner and musical mentor.
We are in a Renaissance period for bass gear. Never has so much good bass gear been available and so many avenues of subtlety explored. Some of it is simultaneously musical and practical. A lot of it has elements of musicality but not practicality. And the other way around. Value is being driven up in response to competition, good quality parts are more available and off-shore labor is, well, cheap. So why is Mike throwing a hat in this ring? Simple: He's not satisfied with anyone's status quo (including his own) and there are things he can do better than others.
What things? Certainly the most valuable thing he can do is bring his ears and experience playing at a high level in all kinds of situations to find what works and what doesn't.
How many companies producing music gear have a world-class player designing their products? That's a rhetorical question and I don't really know the answer. But you can be sure there are very few truly top players that have the ability to directly affect product design at the circuit level. Don't get me wrong, there are top players working with designers. And plenty of competent engineers designing equipment. But precious few fully understand the range of issues of professional music performance and balancing engineering ideals and practicalities. Mike is one such person.
From my perspective, engineering designs are like a work of music: Flashes of inspiration followed by a lot of hard work. And they reflect the author's past, present, future and personality. Mike's new preamp demonstrates a professional grade electrical design in a highly functional and musical realization. Good analog designs start with the power supply and this one has two isolated, double-regulated, low noise sections that have plenty of drive and are quiet as a mouse. Audiophile grade parts are used throughout the signal conditioning sections. (Gotta love that super flexible 4-band eq!).
But just USING expensive parts is not enough, you have to apply them correctly and carefully in the right environment. The multi-layer boards and careful layout bring that home. The grounding and shielding scheme is what I'd expect in laboratory grade test and measurement equipment.
The outputs have enough ass to drive hundreds of feet of snake. Your sound guy will smile as he hits the pad and dials in the highest quality signal he's ever had. And the headphone section, you'll want to ditch your studio's headphone amp and run this thing. Amazing. All this carefully assembled by hand in the USA. If you appreciate the difference between price and value then you'll agree that this may represent the highest value preamp on the market. Mike has done his homework. After a number of reviews over the last months I have to say that I'm not sure what else could be reasonably done to make it appreciably better.
I happen to be lucky enough to have a prototype of the 2 channel version in my rig (Crown power amp and Epifani UL 212). Though it is a product hype cliche`, the sounds I get make me want to play more. I know I'm on to somethings when my wife comes into the studio to tell me how good it sounds. Don't expect some simulated, processed "vintage vibe" with this thing. Or outdated "retro" parts used in some copyright-expired design. Do expect a highly practical and musical component that helps you get out of your own way and play. Check it out.

David Yates
Electrical Engineer, working in medical device design for the last 25 years specializing in therapeutic energy tissue effects, analog, power and controls. He currently holds 33 US patents. And he plays bass.